Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another idea of a dream synth: YAMAHA SY100

I like YAMAHA'S 12-bit filterless synths. And I thought of a dream synth YAMAHA SY100 extreme would be like this.

SY100 extreme

This is a mixture of these models;
* YAMAHA TG100 PCM playbacker
* YAMAHA PSS790 Vector synthesizer
* YAMAHA QR10 sampler-sequencer
* YAMAHA RY20 drum machine

Added features are;
* KORG POLY-800's single analog filter
* "Symphonic" - Portasounds' analog chorus
* The blue "extreme" LED flickers at random
* Vector programmability like YAMAHA TG33
* Fast wave alteration like KORG WAVESTATION, ENSONIQ SQ-R and CASIO CZ-1

And the price; $99.
I wish SY series' lowest-end synth were like this.

An idea of a dream synth: Roland Alpha JUNO-10

When I played with my Roland Alpha JUNO-1, I've got an idea of a new dream synthesizer.

Roland Alpha JUNO-10

This is made from Alpha and Roland S-10 sampler. The samples are put into JUNO's filter, and it would be a contemporary keyboard.

syntezatory.prv.pl: a great synth demo site

Another Deep Synthesis site added to Deep Synthesis Links page:


Great .mp3 demos of many synths.

Matrixsynth: blog on everything synth

A new site added to Deep Synthesis Links:

Matrixsynth: blog on everything synth

Lots of deep synthetic information.

User's contribution: A4000 from Don Solaris

My friend Don Solaris sent me his contribution on this site - YAMAHA A4000 sampler page.

His sound examples show the power of A4000 - PWM-like phase processing, doubled filter works, resampling and even real additive synthesis. All are created from simple basic waveforms. You may not believe it's a sampler and not a VA synth.

New Deep Synthesis Blog

This is a blog for my Deep Synthesis Page.
I'll post site updates and thoughts on synthesis here.

I'm switching the blog host, and I'll post older posts here again.
All site update information is now on the Update history page.